A consultation was held on the development of an assessment strategy

A training seminar was held at the Hilton hotel, entitled “Consultation on Developing an Assessment Strategy.” This seminar was also aimed at implementing one of the goals of the Quality Education Support Program 1 and was implemented as part of Lot 2 of the project for the implementation of the document “Development and Implementation of a National Strategy for Student Sssessment and an Action Plan for its Implementation”. The workshop was opened by Sergij Gabrscek, the Project Team Leader (QESP-1), and was led by Norman Emerson, the main expert on the assessment of education. It was noted that this document is a tool to attract key stakeholders in the education system of Tajikistan to the development and implementation of a national strategy for student assessment.

It will also serve as the basis for a revised and agreed project that will be used to support future discussions with MoES RT. While QESP is responsible for developing the strategy, it will be used as a model for working with key partners to achieve common agreement on the key principles of the future strategy. It will also ensure collaboration between QESP activities and other donor-funded assessment projects. This document reflects the objectives of the National Strategy of Education Development, which includes updating the content of education and improving access to quality education. During the seminar, practical classes were also held and group discussions took place.

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