Launch of the Tajik National Strategy for Education Development 2021-2027 3 February 2021

On 03 February, the launch of the National Education Development Strategy of Tajikistan until 2030 was held in the hall of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan.

H.E. Muhammadyusuf Imomzoda – Minister of Education and Science hosted the meeting, with First Deputy and Deputy Ministers, Heads of relevant departments and divisions of the Ministry attending, together with development partners – the European Union, UNICEF, USAID, GPE, UNESCO, World Bank and other partners.

Ms. Diana Dimova, Education Programme Manager at the EU Delegation to Tajikistan, addressed the meeting participants, congratulated the MoES with the successful achievement of this important milestone and provided further insights in relation to the EU commitment to the support and operalisation of the NSED.

The European Union would like also to congratulate the Ministry of Education and Science for the finalization of the development of the National Strategy for Education Development 2021-2030. We are pleased that we have also supported and actively participated in this process through involving experts in the development of the costing exercise and through active involvement of our both technical assistances in the work of the working groups.

We found that the NSED is a very comprehensive document and touches upon the main challenges for the Tajik education system and sets clear objectives for the way forward.

Since 2016, the European Union has been always ready to support and is supporting some of the major education reforms in Tajikistan like the transition to competency-based education.

The EU also mobilized in 2020, 24 mln Euros additional resources in order to support the education system, following the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. With this amount, the COVID-19 Education Response and Preparedness Plan of the Ministry of Education and Science will be financed almost in full. At end of December 2020, for this purposes has been signed a Financing Agreement between the EU and the Republic of Tajikistan for the financing of the second phase of the Quality Education Support Programme II with a budget of 50 mln Euros.

The implementation of the activities are expected to start in 2020, some of them are about to start even in the coming days. The programme will be supporting some of the priorities of the National Strategy Education Development 2021-2030 such as assessment of the learning outcomes through participation in national and international assessments, the improvement of the school environment through rehabilitation of old and construction of new schools, the improvement of the quality of education through the update of the STEM curricula and teachers retraining, as well as the transition to digital learning opportunities etc. Our programme will be implemented by KfW, UNICEF, UNESCO and a technical assistance to the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of the Population. All activities are and will be further agreed with both ministries.

Last but not least, the European Union has entered in a new budget cycle as of 2021, covering 2021-2027 and is currently preparing its strategy for cooperation with the Republic of Tajikistan. We would like to stress that the education sector will remain one of the sectors of support. In the coming days there will be consultations between the EU and the Republic of Tajikistan on the priority areas. In the framework of the new Multiannual financial framework, Tajikistan will be also included in the new phase of the Erasmus+ programme in support of the reforms in the higher education.

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