Series of events in “Bahoriston”

On May 20-22, 2021, were held approbation of program and modules “Leadership and Management in educational institution" and “Work of school psychologists". The event began with speeches of Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, Ganizoda Gulchekhra Sami, and team leader of Quality Education Support Program, Phase 1, Evgeny Ivanov.

Ganizoda Gulchekhra noted with gratitude cooperation with the Quality Education Support Program, Phase 1, and spoke about the importance of implementing the programs. And also asked the participants to take active part in consideration of the content of pilot programs, since this is the responsibility assigned to them.

Evgeny Ivanov also noted the fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, emphasizing that the Program is ready to continue providing technical assistance in the field of continuous professional development of teachers.

We would like to note that these events are the second events that were held in Dushanbe month ago.

The final purpose of these events is to improve the programs developed by international and local project experts on the themes “Management and leadership in educational institutions" and “Work of school psychologist".

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