The second meeting of the Steering Committee

Quality education support programme I to be discussed in Tajikistan
Date: 13 March 2018
Date: 16 March 2018 – Dushanbe: Today, under EU-Funded Quality Education Support Programme I in the Republic of Tajikistan, the second meeting of the Project Steering Committee will be held, where information will be provided on the progress of the project activities in the second implementation period: from August 2017 to January 2018. The following areas will be discussed and agreed during the meeting:

• progress made by the projects in the second reporting period, 
• results achieved, obstacles and problems encountered,
• project work plan for the next six-month implementation period.

The establishment of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) is provided for by the Project Terms of Reference “in order to oversee and validate the overall direction and policy of the Quality Education Support Programme I in all its components”. The program consists of the following projects: Lot 1 – “Technical Assistance to the Ministry of education and science in the areas of In-Service Teacher Training, Learning Assessment, Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring, and Curriculum Development”, and Lot 2 – “Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Population in the area of in-service teacher training for the initial TVET system”. 
Aiming to contribute to the development of a modern education system, able to prepare informed and qualified citizens who are ready for the “world of work" and who can contribute to greater political stability, economic prosperity and social well-being in Tajikistan, the projects started on the 1st February 2017 and will be implementing until 31 July 2020. The purpose of projects is to support the development of a modern and viable continuous professional development (CPD) system for teachers, better suited to the needs of teachers and taking into account positive national and regional experience.
The project activities are implementing in Tajikistan throughout the country, covering the entire general education system and the system of primary vocational education and training. The above event will take place on 16 March 2018 at 9.30 (registration 8.30-9.30) in Hyatt Regency hotel, in the conference hall “Regency Ballroom” on the first floor.
For further information please refer to the project representative in Tajikistan, Mr. Fakhriddin Rakhimov, on phone numbers: +992 91 932 71 71, +992 919 01 02 42, +992 918 76 67 96, or by e-mail: and to Ms Mahbuba Abdulloeva, Press and Information Officer of the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Tajikistan, by e-mail:

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