To support the implementation of the Concept of Education Quality Assessment in the Republic of Tajikistan, a learning seminar for school teachers was held by the QESP I on the 12th of March 2021.

Through group work and collaboration, the teachers discussed and analyzed the examples of students’ works and provided valuable feedback on each other’s samples. This practice gave the teachers the opportunity to collaborate and discuss the practice of formative assessment with a focus on formative feedback, and to reflect on the ways of implementing it in their teaching practice at schools. They have been encouraged to further improve their assessment practice through developing annotated examples of students’ works, which will be used as platforms for discussion and improvement of assessment practice, and it is also intended that the examples will provide supporting tools for developing a revised grading system.
This seminar was delivered with the support and collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, while the QESP I project, funded by the EU, organized and facilitated this event.
The project plans to continue organizing learning events for these teachers in the future.

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