On Fabruary 4-5, this year, as part of the transition to competency-based approach to education, a training seminar was held at the National Library for authors of subject standards and textbooks, which was attended by 30 teachers and specialists in the field of education.   The opening speech was made by Latofat Naziri, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science and Sergij Gabrscek, the Project Team Leader (QESP-1), who provided detailed information about the goals and objectives of the seminar.  The seminar was continued by Dr. Richard Webber, the international consultant component 4 of the project “Development and procedure of a comprehensive framework of curricula”, and Asror Aliyev and Qutbiddin Mukhtori, the local consultants, acting as the main trainers of the seminar.

It was noted that the purpose of the seminar as part of the transition to a competency-based approach is to show new and modern ways of developing textbooks and curricula.  The seminar also discussed the procedure and methodology for the development of core and subject competencies, competencies and their reflection in standards, subject curricula, textbooks and teacher’s guide, the structure of the teacher’s guide and how to use them in the educational process.

The seminar ended with an exchange of views, discussions and suggestions for solutions in future work.

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