Trainings of master trainers

Quality Education Support Programme I leads the change
July 25 - 30, 2018

Trainings of master trainers

The Quality Education Support Programme (QESPI), Lot 1 being highly ambitious and far -reaching of its main six results, in a close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science
of the Republic of Tajikistan, conducts five days’ professional training for 30 master trainers on competencybased learning the teacher trainings in Dushanbe on January 2018. The best trainers were selected to refine the module and become the champions of the competence-based curriculum for the training of a further 200 provincial trainers, who subsequently, in the final weeks of January, went on the train a further 24,000 teachers, in all provinces
of Tajikistan.

QESP seminar on the Competence Based Curriculum

Quality Education Support Programme in a close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science
in the areas of In-Service Teacher Training, Learning Assessment and Planning, Budgeting and
Monitoring, Republic of Tajikistan Project, conducted two days seminar for 177 government officials,
local and international leading educational experts, researchers, policy-makers as well teachers
of training institution and schools at the regional and country level.
The seminar aimed to introduce the programme’s main goal and results to be achieved by the end
of 2020. It also important to emphasis that the seminar vastly contributed to the process of rising
awareness on the main components of the programme on curriculum reform process. It was stated
that the Programme opts to strengthen the curriculam through increased coherence and coordination
and technical support in the programme selected subjects in secondary grades.
The seminar work was continued in a series of plenary sessions and small group discussions to discuss
the pros and cons of Competence-based teaching Teachers’ Competence Framework, Students’
Key Competencies, Assessment in Competency Based, Research-Based Learning to support the development
of students’ competencies, Quality Assurance and Monitoring in Competency-Based Education
and Local School Reform Management – Agents of Change.
The work of two days seminar showed positive results in reaching all the concerned agents to expand
the message of Learning for Life!
Professional training for master trainers on competency-based learning started its work from 9th of
January 2018.
The first day of the TOT training gathered 240 experienced trainers from all the educational institutions
and departments of the Republic of Tajikistan. The main theme of training is the introduction
of the competency-based approach in natural sciences and IT subjects for the secondary education
as an initial step of the project mission as technical assistance to the Ministry of Education and Science.

QESP I, initiates the Competence Based Education Trainings in Regions

The working group was assembled from experts both from QESP I, and Testing Canter
to run one day workshop on competency Based Education. The workshop programme
started on 13th of April in Rasht and was completed on 7th of June in Khorog. The programme
involved the teachers of universities, colleges, technical as well the teacher
training institutes, education departments specialists and secondary school teachers. The
programme covered 7 regions: Rasht, Bokhtar, Kulob, Khujand, Panjakent, Dushanbe and
GBAO, with the overall outreach of 868 people. However, QESP I, regional programme
actually consisted of two parallel activities the second of which was the focus group discussion
among students of secondary grades and teachers of chemistry, geography, biology,
information technology and physics subjects of seven regions. The summary coverage
of QESP I, regional programme on raising awareness on competence based Education
reached 1008 people in the Republic of Tajikistan
The QESP regional programme was planned and designed in a close cooperation with the
Ministry of Education and Science. The programme aimed to improve the professional
knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness of teaching in secondary grades. The
detailed guidelines on essay writing, formative assessment and project work was presented
for the participants and the handouts both soft format in memory cards and hard
copies were disseminated for all participants as the rest of QESP I visibility material.
The assembled working group also was assigned to make the classroom observation in all
7 regions. The report later made on the results of the observation delivered that the
teachers got clear understanding on competence based education.

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